“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.”



Club members have access to the club library

For anything from the library please email our Librarian, Ray Penrose

001  Card Magic – John Hilliard
002  My Best – JG Thompson
003  Houdini His Life Story – JR Harold Kellock
004  The Modern Conjuror – C. Lang Neil
005  Later Magic – Prof. Hoffman
006  Varied Deceptions – Milbourne Christopher
007  Annemans Card and Mental Mysteries – Burling Hull
008  Effective Conjuring – Will Blyth
009  The Boys Book of Conjuring – Eugene Stone
010  Bunkum Entertainments – Robert Ganthony
011  Professional Magic For Amateurs – Walter B Gibson
012  Card and Conjuring Tricks – Roberts and Crayford
013  Card Tricks Without Skill – Paul Clive
014  Run Your Own Show – D. Roy Mills
016  Lessons in Conjuring – David Devant
017  Magic Made Easy – David Devant
018  Tricks For Everyone – David Devant
019  Tricks With Handkerchiefs – Prof. Hoffman
020  Conjuring Tricks – Prof. Hoffman
021  Conjuring Tricks Modern Magic – Prof. Hoffman
023  Paper Magic – WJ Blyth
024  The Amateur Performer – WJ Seymour
025  Original Magic For All – Bert Douglas
026  My Mysteries – C. Ivor Smith
027  Tricks With Cards – Charles Roberts
028  Modern Card Manipulation – C. Lang Neil
083  The Hundred Best Tricks – J.C. Cannell
084  Children’s Parties a Speciality – Peter Darcy
085  Open Sesame – Lewis & Tyler
086  Get Your Act Together – Alburger
087  Illustrated Teach Yourself Magic – Robert Harbin
088  Rag Picture Shows – Eric Hawkesworth
089  Beyond Compere – Terry Seabrooke
090  The Complete Magician – Marvin Kaye
091  The Riddle of Chung Ling – Soo Dexter
092  New Drawing Room Deceptions – Verrall Wass
093  Newspaper Magic – Steve Biddle
094  Conjuring – W Jonson
095  131 Magic Tricks For Amateurs – Dexter
096  The Puffin Book of Magic – Norman Hunter
097  Magic For All The Family – Lamb
098  Miracle Mongers – Houdini
099  More Origami – Robert Harbin
100  Hey Presto – Peter Eldin
101  Teach Yourself Conjuring – J. Elsden Tuffs
102  101 Magic Tricks – Guy Frederick
103  Origami 1 – Robert Harbin
104  Close-up Magic – Harry Baron

105 It Gives Me Great Pleasure – Michael Kilgarriff
106 Card Conjuring – W. Jonson
107 Stage Make-up – Horace Sequeira
108 Stage Make-up Made Easy – Benolier
109 My Mysteries – C. Ivor Smith
110 For Magicians Only – Robert Parrish
111 How To Do Card Fanning – Vampire
112 The Gag Bag – Harry Stanley
113 Magical Mentality – Eric C Lewis
114 It’s Not Magic – David Hallett
115 Silken Sorcery – Jean Hugard
116 Further Adventures Of The Seven – Jack Channin
117 Diversified Magic – Harry Leat
118 How To Ensure A Full Date Book – David Hemmingway
119 Slow Sleights – E. Brian McCarthy
120 Tragic Magic – Harry Lea
121 Tricks Of The Television Stars – Harry Stanley
122 Close-up Magic – Jean Hugard
123 Twenty Stunners With A Nail Writer – Chapman
124 More One Man Mental Magic – Milbourne Christopher
125 Advanced Card Magic – Albright
126 Coin Magic – Jean Hugard
127 Ghost And Seances – Corinda
128 Award Winning Comedy Magic – David Roper
129 Magic Of The Hands – Edward Victor

PG01 Soap Bubbles – CV Boys
PG02 Conjunioring – John Brearley
PG03 Novel Mysteries Part 3 – Edward Bagshawe
PG04 Magic – Len J Sewell
PG05 Novel Mysteries Part 6 – Edward Bagshawe
PG06 Dice Dexterity – Audley V Walsh
PG07 Griff On Close-up – Tony Griffith
PG08 Magic For Monsters – Arnold Furst
PG09 Tricks Presented – Stanley Davis
PG10 TNT Twelve New Tricks – Fabian
PG11 Super Unnatural – David Davis
PG12 You’d Be Surprised – John Parrish & John Goodrum
PG13 The Book That Never Was – Graham S Clarke
PG14 Feke Card Tricks – Unique
PG15 40 Tricks With A Hot Rod – Scott K Anderson
PG16 Linking Ring Routine – Jack Miller
PG17 They’re Off – Frank Lane & UF Grant
PG18 Thanks To Pepys – Bob Read
PG19 The Cups Manual Of Cups And Balls – Roy Fromer
PG20 Cruise Book – Jimmy Ray
PG21 25 Rubber Penetration Effects – Magic Ian
PG22 Thimble Magic – Jean Hugard
PG23 Personal Secrets – Harry Lorayne
PG24 110 Tricks With A Svengali Deck – Magic Ian
PG25 Magic With A Steel Ball And Tube – Magic Ian

PG26 Cups And Balls Magic – Tom Osborne
PG27 Basic Card Technique – Anthony Normam
PG28 84 Card Tricks – Hugh Morris
PG29 The Gambling Magician – BW McCaron“Mercurio”
PG30 110 Magic Tricks With A Stripper Deck – Magic Ian
PG31 The Three Shell Game – Ralph W Read
PG32 Easy To Do Entertainments – RM Abraham
PG33 Ovete’sTricksAndIlusionetes – The Great Ovette
PG34 Original Comedy Magic – Val Andrews
PG35 Fly Me To The Moon – Alan Blythe
PG36 Magic From The Dope Den – Micky Hades

  1. Annemann’s card magic – Ted Annemann
  2. Impact – Aldo Columbini
  3. More self-working card tricks – Karl Fulves
  4. Encyclopaedia of card tricks – Jean Hugard
  5. Malini and his magic – Lewis Ganson
  6. The magic of Paul Potassy – Uwe Schenk & Michael Sondermeyer
  7. The art of magic – T. Nelson Downs
  8. Classic coin tricks – T. Nelson Downs
  9. Card manipulations – Jean Hugard
  10. More card manipulations – Jean Hugard
  11. The riddle of Chung Ling Soo – Will Dexter
  12. Houdini on magic – Walter B. Gibson & Morris N. Young
  13. Card control – Arthur H. Buckley
  14. Sleight of hand – Edwin Sachs
  15. Magic (stage illusions, sfx & trick photography) – Albert A. Hopkins
  16. The secrets of Houdini – J C Cannell
  17. Abbot’s encyclopaedia of rope tricks – Stewart James
  18. Expert card technique: Close up table magic – Hugard & Braue
  19. Laughter all the way – Ron Bishop
  20. Self-working coin magic – Karl Fulves
  21. Charles Jordan’s best card tricks – Karl Fulves
  22. The encyclopaedia of children’s magic – Ian Adair
  23. Making Magic – Edwin A. Dawes & Arthur Setterington
  24. The art of magic & sleight of hand – Nicholas Einhorn
  25. Small-scale magic party tricks & optical illusions – Nicholas Einhorn
  26. The magic of Matt Schulen – Philip Reed Willmarth
  27. The art of astonishment 1 – Paul Harris
  28. The art of astonishment 2 – Paul Harris
  29. The art of astonishment 3 – Paul Harris
  30. The amazing book of card tricks – Jon Tremaine
  31. Another book – Karrel Fox
  32. The great Illusionists – Edwin A. Dawes
  33. Mysterious Stranger – David Blaine
  34. Original magic – Marconick
  35. The Tarbell course in magic 1 – Harlan Tarbell
  36. The Tarbell course in magic 2 – Harlan Tarbell
  37. The Tarbell course in magic 3 – Harlan Tarbell
  38. The Tarbell course in magic 4 – Harlan Tarbell
  39. The Tarbell course in magic 5 – Harlan Tarbell
  40. The Tarbell course in magic 6 – Harlan Tarbell
  41. The Tarbell course in magic 7 – Harlan Tarbell
  42. The Tarbell course in magic 8 – Harlan Tarbell
  43. Magic as a hobby – Bruce Elliot
  44. Professional magic for amateurs – Walter B. Gibson
  45. Quietus of creativity Vol. 1 – Dean Montalbano
  46. Mulholland’s book of magic – John Mulholland
  47. The Dai Vernon book of magic – Lewis Ganson
  48. Hugard’s magic manual – Jean Hugard
  49. Psychokinesis – Chuck Leach
  50. Baker’s Brainwaves – Roy Baker
  51. Baker’s bonanza – Hugh Miller
  52. The art of close up magic Vol. 1 – Lewis Ganson
  53. The art of close up magic Vol. 2 – Lewis Ganson
  54. Encyclopaedia of dove magic Vol. 3 – Ian Adair
  55. Encyclopaedia of dove magic Vol. 4 – Ian Adair
  56. Encyclopaedia of dove magic Vol. 5 – Ian Adair
  57. Street cups & balls – Gazzo
  58. Bill Severn’s magic trunk – Bill Severn (4 books in binder)
  59. The kid stuff of Louis Bertol – Louis Bertol
  60. The book of Thoth (Tarot) – Stephen Minch
  61. The plot thickens – Oliver Meech
  62. Routines for the Chinese sticks – Supreme magic co.
  63. Family & party games – Collins Gem
  64. Quarks & Quirks – Ben Harris
  65. Cross indexed comedy collection Part I – Ken De Courcy
  66. Cross indexed comedy collection Part II – Ken De Courcy
  67. Book of visual comedy – Patrick Page
  68. Read between the (one) lines – Gazzo
  69. The Supreme Magic Catalogue – Supreme
  70. Signed card to sealed envelope in wallet – Terry Seabrooke’s routine
  71. Hold out miracles – Ed Mishell
  72. Flash paper tips – Stuart Robson & Ralph W.Read
  73. The new expert billiard ball manipulation – Burling Hull
  1. Vernon Revelations Vol 1&2 – Dai Vernon
  2. Vernon Revelations Vol 3&4 – Dai Vernon
  3. Vernon Revelations Vol 5&6 – Dai Vernon
  4. Vernon Revelations Vol 7&8 – Dai Vernon
  5. Vernon Revelations Vol 9&10 – Dai Vernon
  6. Vernon Revelations Vol 11&12 – Dai Vernon
  7. Vernon Revelations Vol 13,14&15 – Dai Vernon
  8. Reel Magic – Vol1. Episode 1
  9. Reel Magic – October 2007
  10. Ninja rings – Shoot Ogawa
  11. Russian roulette – Larry Becker
  12. Mental miracles – Bob Cassidy
  13. Street cups – Gazzo
  14. Tickling the mind Vol 1– Mel Mellors
  15. Tickling the mind Vol 2– Mel Mellors
  16. Business card-iographic – Brian Curry
  17. World magic awards (3x DVD)
  18. The topit – Michael Ammar
  19. The incredible dancing paper napkin – Scott Francis & David Allen
  20. Undiscovered wonder – Mel Mellers
  21. Reel Magic – January 2008
  22. IVanish – Ben Seidman

For those wishing to perform magic, the books listed below represent good starting points

Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson

From one of the world’s premier practitioners of classic magic, with years of experience instructing younger readers in the magical arts, comes this new revision of his complete guide to learning and performing fantastic feats of prestidigitation. Acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times as “the text that young magicians swear by”, it’s full of step-by-step instructions. More than 2,000 illustrations provide the know-how behind 300 techniques, from basic card tricks to advanced levitation, along with advice on planning and staging a professional-quality magic show.

Card Magic
Royal Road to Card Magic by Hugard and Braue (also a DVD by Paul Wilson)

As a magician, your greatest reward is to astonish and perplex your audience using just a simple pack of cards. And to do that, you need to master more than just the sleights of hand. You have to learn to perform. This revised edition of a classic work offers the budding magician a brilliant introduction to magic. From classic principles and practice to the art of presentation and a collection of astonishing tricks, everything you need is here. An experienced and gifted performer, writer, and teacher, Hugard’s exceptional combination of skills shines through in the clarity of his explanations. His example has inspired a generation of magicians and will inspire you to succeed in baffling your audience.

Coin Magic
Expert Coin Magic by David Roth

Learn Coin Magic from the man Dai Vernon said “…has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius.”

Modern Coin Magic by JB Bobo

The most complete treatise on sleight-of-hand coin conjuring, including best traditional methods and modern innovations. Guides you systematically from basic techniques, through integrated tricks, to complete routined acts, 18 in all. 510 clear illustrations by Nelson C. Hahne. The best manual for amateurs, an encyclopedic source for professionals.

Rope Magic
Fiber Optics a DVD by Richard Saunders

Never cut your rope again! Dust off your ropes and enter into the future with Richard Sanders eye popping, mind crunching multi-phase rope routine. Learn the amazing NEW super-visual moves that amazed magicians during Richard’s lectures at FISM 2003. Fiber Optics is a 16-phase rope routine packed with NEW super-visual moves designed to thoroughly amaze!

Thirteen Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda

The “bible” for magicians interested in “Mental Magic” written by Tony Corinda. Includes Swami Gimmicks, mental tricks with cards, slates, billets, clipboards, blindfolds, Q&A acts, mediumistic stunts, etc. Pages: 424 – Fully illustrated.

Scripting Magic by Peter McCabe

Pete McCabe and 26 other guys show you the art of scripting magic. Includes 45 scripts, 13 essays, 7 interviews, and 1 flowchart to make you a better magician.

Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger

The seven small booklets written by Eugene Burger and published in the early 1980s, Secrets and Mysteries, Audience Involvement, Secrets of Restaurant Magic, Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien’s Fabulous Card Discoveries, Intimate Power, The Craft of Magic, and Rediscoveries have been out of print for years. Thanks to Richard Kaufman, they are now available in a new 230-page hardcover book, with almost 200 illustrations by Earl Oakes. These hard-to-find booklets have been collected in a completely re-typeset format with new essays by Eugene commenting on his past writings, his current thoughts on his tricks and routines, as well as updated tricks. Many feel these are the best books Eugene Burger ever wrote.

Professional Secrets
A Life In Magic by Geoffrey Durham

Professional Secrets is roughly divided between the in-depth study of magic secrets and routines, and the in-depth study of performance secrets, without which there is no magic. Throughout, Geoffrey will cause you to stop and reflect on your own performance style, and your whole approach to the art of magic. This is a book that will make you think.

Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz

Why is it that some magicians get great audience reactions while others who are just as skillful leave audiences so cold? The answers are in Strong Magic, the first-ever book on showmanship specifically for the close-up magician.

Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms

Highly instructive book by a noted authority on the subject analyses every phase of conjuring, from sleights, devices, misdirection, and controlling audience attention, to incorporating patter and the effective use of assistants. Provides recommendations on the use of body language, posture, positioning, and movement. 60 original routines — from simple card tricks to major illusions.

The Alchemical Tools by Paul Brook

The Alchemical Tools is not so much an effect as a handbook for magicians and mentalists alike. It not only provides tricks but also gives advice on how you can turn your magic into miracles.