“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”



Feel up to it?

If you are a member of WAM and would like to enter any of our annual competitions, contact Chris Garside. Good luck!


The EJ Crook Close-Up Competition

Winners in the recent past include Ian Manly, Paul Megram, David Milne, Martin Cox, Lee Florida, Andy Clockwise, Gary Schiffman, and Lee Bell. The current holder is Duncan Swan.

The Gil Leaney Stage Competition

Named after WAM’s first Vice President, and first won by Eddie Long.
Past winners include Ian Manly, Dee Riley, Julie Carpenter, Lee Bell, Christopher Garside & Sam with Illusive and Steve Rowe, and last year it was John Duckett. The current holder is Colin Watkins.

The Watford Association of Magicians Kids’ Entertainer of the Year

Past winners include Chris Garside, Paul Albert, Andy Clockwise, Magic Dave (Dave Allen), Dov Citron, and Colonel Custard (Paul Megram). The title is currently held by Nicky Trix.

The Billy McComb Trophy

This is awarded for services to the club. Previous winners include Christopher Garside, Andy Clockwise, and Philip Rutter. The current holder is Samantha Garside.

Terry Seabrooke Award for Comedy

Terry Seabrooke was our esteemed President for many years. He is very sadly missed and in honour of his contribution to comedy, we now have an award dedicated to the man himself. Previous winners are Duncan Swan and Carl Charlesworth, and the current holder is Martin Cox.